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Choral teachers, are you having difficulty getting your students to embrace traditional choral technique and repertoire because they only want to sing popular music?

That's not how any of this works!!!!
That’s not how any of this works!!!!
  • I can help. As a classically trained singer that excels in both bel canto technique and belting, I have adapted a method of inspiring youngsters to embrace the concepts of traditional vocal training.  Allow me to help your student understand exactly what it takes to produce a great belting sound and the foundational techniques that makes one a well-rounded singer.

Choral teachers, are you overwhelmed with classes and rehearsals and don’t have the time to commit to help prepare your high school juniors and seniors for college auditions?

  • I can help. I offer a mock audition and master class for just that purpose.  Students apply to master class as they would a college audition.  They receive 3 private lessons to select and prepare repertoire and then complete a mock audition and masterclass with other students planning to audition for college as well.


  • negro spritualsLooking for an interesting way to present Essential Standards 1.CR.1.1 – 5.CR.1.1?I can help with that too.  Each year I present a number of engaging and interactive lecture concerts/recitals on the history of Negro Spirituals to schools, churches, and private organizations.  Each presentation is catered to the audience and allows the audience and is a great way to help students understand how music has affected, and is reflected in, the culture, traditions, and history of their local area, state, and nation.