What does Andante even mean?

The word andante is a tempo marking that means a walking pace.  When I learned this word in middle school band, I fell in love with it because I thought it was pretty (so much so I vowed to name my first child Andante).  As I matured as both a musician and a Christian, the term began to take on a deeper meaning.  I began to attach other words to the term like andantelove and andatefaith understanding them to mean, “Walk in love and walk in faith.”  My intention to always walk in love is what drove me to name my company Andante when I graduated from Bennett College in 1999.  However, it wasn’t until a few years ago when God gave me an even deeper revelation.  He showed me that there was more that was required of me, and that my little side business would soon be more.  He showed me that the adoption of  the name of Andante was more than I thought that it was and that my time to shine would soon come.  It would not happen when I thought was ready, but it would happen when He was ready for me  move.  The only way Andante can be successful is to know and understand, that every step we take must happen in God’s time.

I introduce to some and present to others, Andante, a faith-based company designed to promote the advancement of the performing arts.

“I gotta move when the Spirit say move”

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